bulk-smsDo you know that more than 95% SMS are read in less than 5 seconds and not specifically from a smart phone?

Enet Online Solutions lets you send SMS text messages to over 1,448 mobile networks in the world. With our user friendly SMS application, you’ll be able to send bulk SMS from your computer and have them delivered in seconds.

We also have a very simple API for developers to integrate their applications with our messaging server.

Sender ID

The sender ID is the name or number that appears as the source of the message when it is received. For our customized bulk SMS, this could either be the name of a firm, an organization, an association, a business or governmental establishments e.t.c depending on the identity of the sender. For Example, if you company’s name is ABC Ltd, you can register ABC or ABCLTD or ABCLtd as your preferred sender ID.

The Sender ID must meet the following conditions:

  • A maximum length of 11 (eleven) Characters
  • It should not allow spaces
  • It may contain letters (lower case and/or upper case), underscore or hyphen

Advantages of our Bulk SMS Solutions

  • Wide range of network coverage.
  • No hidden Charges or premiums, No monthly Payments.
  • Send your brand name as the Sender / well branded messages.
  • Instant SMS Delivery with Delivery status report.
  • Each person has his own account where they can monitor the SMS.

Why Bulk SMS?

Why Bulk SMS? Why do so many companies use Bulk SMS as part of their marketing mix?

  • It is low cost. Its cost is ten percent of the traditional media. It can help you to save large amount of advertising expenses
  • Bulk SMS allows business to communicate with their customers instantly. With open rates of over 95%, this means that for a few pennies you can get a promotion delivered and READ by your customer using SMS. No other marketing channel can provide this.
  • The number of people with phones is more than those who have email addresses. Hence, there is higher audience for Bulk SMS

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