Our WHMCS SMS Module will allow you send automated SMS from your WHMCS to your clients. The messages are triggered by difference actions within WHMCS e.g. Invoice Creation, Payment Confirmation, Clientarea Password change, e.t.c. You’ll be able to customize the SMS templates that are send from the System. You can easily turn on/off any of the messages to be sent.

Client Notifications

  • Client add by Admin
  • Change Password by admin
  • Client area register using the register

Invoice Notifications

  • New Invoice created
  • Invoice payment reminder
  • Invoice payment confirmation
  • Invoice payment reminder
  • First Invoice overdue notice
  • Second Invoice overdue notice
  • Third Invoice overdue invoice
  • Add invoice late fee notification

Domain Notifications

  • Domain registration Confirmation
  • Domain registration failed
  • Domain transfer Initiated
  • Domain transfer failed
  • Domain renewal confirmation
  • Domain renewal failed
  • Upcoming domain renewal

Product/Service Notifications

  • Module create
  • Module suspend
  • Module unsuspend
  • Module terminate
  • Module renewal
  • Module change password
  • Product upgrade
  • Cancellation request

Ticket Notifications

  • Ticket reply by admin
  • Ticket opened by admin

Admin SMS notification

  • Admin login
  • Admin logout
  • New order notification
  • New cancellation request
  • New support ticket opened
  • Support ticket response received


First Year: Ksh: 3,500
Renew annually: Ksh. 1,000

WHMCS SMS Screenshots